Freaked out student with SBG… winning :)
November 18, 2011, 8:54 pm
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Student – “I am freaking out about that one F in Powerschool.  I got a 1 out of 3 on that one assignment (standard) !”

Me-  “Are you freaking out about the F or freaking out about what you didn’t learn?”

Student – puzzled look on face and head tilts to side. Pause.  Student – “I can’t stand that F there!  It’s driving me crazy!  What can I do?”

Me… again.  “I’m glad you care this much about your grades!  But still, do you care more about the F or more about what you were supposed to learn that you didn’t?”

Student – “I don’t care, I just want to know what I can do about that F.”

Me – “Okay – lets look at your quiz and discuss what you didn’t understand and then you can prepare to show me that you can do it”

Student – wrinkles relax on forehead.  So off we go to discuss density.

Student – “Ok, I’m ready – give me the quiz”

Me – “Remember the rule?  You can’t get help and re-assess on the same day (smiling)”

Student – “But what if I forget by next week?”

Me – “Shouldn’t this be permanent knowledge, something you will remember for a long time?”

Student (smiling) “Ok (still somewhat  deflated)”

Me – “It will be okay.  If you blow it we can go over it again and you will get it eventually”

We part ways both pleasantly and somewhat suprised that we do care about what each other care about.  SBG… winning 🙂


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That is unfortunately a very familiar conversation….

Comment by Karen

I do like how it ended… we did end up talking about density, not points 🙂

Comment by ofot

Part of it sounds like conversions I have had when we did reassess. We don’t really have SBG in the true sense. We don’t reassess anymore, but I allow them to do capstones to make up for poor grades. Haven’t gotten one yet as it is so much work.

Comment by pam

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