January 16, 2012, 10:11 pm
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Wow – since starting this blog I have discovered so much, and have an optimism I have not felt in years.  I love that feeling and hate it at the same time.  I kind of like being snarky and it is hard to be a bitchy optimist.  I am still freaked but in a good way. We may really have more control over the future than we think.  I abhor the idea of getting “political” in so many ways (I think my strengths lie inside those 4 cinder block walls) but I also don’t see how putting my head in the sand is a very responsible or ethical thing to do in these times.  Heck – I have kids of my own in school. I want the best for them too. The laundry list starts today…

 Dirty Item 1: My Naiveté.  Please join Twitter and Tweet!

My first visits to Twitter, when the blue bird first arrived on the scene, were filled with dreams that Dave Matthews would one day follow me and we would become special friends.  Oh well.   During  my physics  modeling class this summer, my teacher encouraged me to use Twitter.  I re-visited and now realize its potential.  I use Twitter as the portal out of my hermetically sealed classroom into  a community that is filled with intelligent, funny, passionate, “bring new life to the profession” educators.   Go figure, they are even benevolent creatures, as if they somehow learned somewhere that symbiosis can have positive rewards.

Think of Twitter professionally, not socially.  I encourage you to find a few people you think are interesting; especially hunt for teachers that teach what you do.  Feel free to follow me but better yet, look at the people I follow.  Search for Chembug at  Some of these teachers are so fantastic!  Tweets abound about lessons, new ideas, assessment, technology, things I have never heard of.

Remember if find yourself annoyed by my or any one person’s tweets in the future, you can just “unfollow” them later and fashion a group of tweeters you like.  If you are fond of what a certain person has to say, click on their name and look at who they follow and see if it leads to another interesting person.   I also follow a few journalists whom I admire.  I follow scientists.  Stephen Hawking is on – he really digs his cats.  Neil deGrasse Tyson posts great stuff.   I also follow celebrities like Steve Martin and Andrew Zimmern to keep some variety in my feed.

There are a few people I follow who are very political and I try to keep an even keel about what they say, but most often I go to links they post and read articles and other blogs.  I am currently following what is happening in the state of New York regarding ed-reform.  It is interesting and freaky.  Elsewhere there are parent movements against standardized testing.  There are writers saying great things about how to really address issues in education.  There are profiteers grabbing for tax dollars.  Being from a rural area it is easy to forget that that big wide world might just come to my doorstep one day.  But at least I won’t be surprised by who is at the door.

I enjoy reading these posts as much or more than watching TV and I can practically get a play-by-play of the Wings game (this rocks because we got rid of our satellite TV).  It takes a while to get used to and learn what hashtags are and such, but you’re smart you will get the hang of it.

Warning: I have become a full-on Twitterholic.  The kind of “-holic” that takes a 12 step program to get off the crack, the almost narcotic buzz that ensues by reading things smart people write.  Neurons are firing in my brain that went dormant years ago.  Like one of those desert toads that emerge from the mud once every few years in the rain.

Stay tuned for Dirty Item #2…


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