About me…

This is a blog I created out of some lost sleep and using my sense of humor as my coping mechanism.  As a teacher I do have some anxiety about current events in our profession.   Perhaps we can at least figure out a way to rise above the crazies.  We are not being led by those who can help us, we need to help each other and ourselves.  I do believe there is a renaissance happening in teaching and that it is all happening right under the noses of the politicos and profiteers.  Twitter and blogs are fueling the fire of many frustrated but motivated teachers.  I am optimistic that this professionalism will rise above the picture that the media has painted of us.  Perhaps we needed a little kick in the butt?  So be it.  I have already been so inspired by teachers who are reinventing teaching and learning.  I am now starting to lose sleep reading blogs late into the night rather than stressing about the futility of the environment we find ourselves in.  Often sleepy the next day, but recharged about being a teacher once again.

From a professional standpoint I have been teaching for 18 years.  I now teach Chemistry , Physics, Advanced Physics and AP Chemistry.  In the past I have taught middle school science and Biology also.  I have taught in 3 very different environments: one pricey well-known suburban private school, a rural low to middle-income school, and a rural middle to high income school.  I am a mom.  I have two kids, boy 2 and girl 9, a very sweet husband,  two goofy dogs and 17 hens.  I grew up in suburbia, but have chosen a simpler life out in the country.  It’s a crazy world out there – try to find some peace wherever it suits you.


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