And with that said…

Well the good news is that not everything out there is a waste of your time.  Bad news… I am pretty sure that most of the stuff that is considered “professional development” is.  We all know the feeling of going to a ISD training and feeling empty when we leave.  I found my pot of gold at a conference specific to my discipline – science.  I think one way we could better spend ISD regional staff development money is to give it directly to teachers to attend their subject specific state conference every other year or so.  There was no rainbow pointing me to the cauldron- but there was an interesting enough description in the brochure to get me to the right cramped conference room.

It was typical – smelled like 40 something apathy, not teen spirit.  But these whacky excited teachers who presented were  enough to get me to go to the “workshop” the next day.  My friend Tom was with me.  At one time we taught in adjoining rooms for five years and learned to entertain ourselves by farting a good SBD in each others’ classrooms and walking away, scratching our heads with our middle fingers to send each other a response.  I must mention we were even together when he walked over to my room and said “come look at my TV” and the date was 9/11.  We have done a lot of really fantastic griping about our jobs over the years.  At one point during the workshop we looked at each other and nodded simultaneously – this was good shit.

So if you are a science teacher, especially Physics and Chemistry I have tons of stuff for you.  If you are not a science teacher – there are still super cool different ideas here.  Yes some of them are acronyms -for we are hopelessly addicted.  “Hi I am an educator and I am an acronymoholic.  Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change” (although I think a full scale mutiny against acronyms would be awesome).


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