Standards Based Grading and the Roller Coaster

OK this is a ridiculously new concept for me.  AND it has an acronym SBG (eeeeew – immediate disgust – some “never-has-been but calls herself an educator acronym creator” must have named this) Furthermore – it uses the word “Standard” which immediately sends me screaming in the other direction like I have seen the Mothman in my bathroom at 2 a.m.  I actually have no idea who came up with it (do you?). When researching it it was buried in so much other jargon I never could find an answer.

BUT… I heard/saw the teachers in my workshop using this phrase.  I also respected them a great deal.  So just maybe I should take a look.  Or not, sounds like a lot of work!  But like an idiot I searched it on the internet and found this funny guy Shawn Cornally’s blog.   Phhhhwomp – sucked in like a ping pong ball in the lottery machine.  One more night… not enough sleep.  Ughhhh

Yup – its cool.  The short story is it is a way of grading and assessing students that eliminates the bullemic “binge and purge” nature of learning and the obsessive habit of point collecting,  I have a colleague who calls students who are mentally sick with this – grade grubbers.  These are not bad kids, they are just the smart ones that you think “does this kid care at all about what they are learning, or just the points?”  I also know that my grading system trained/reinforced this chronic illness.  To my former students: I am sorry I was naive to my evil ways.

I suggest you just go to his website.  But I hope that by blogging about my journey someone else might see its beauty.  I think its going to be like a roller coaster – scary but fun and one that I will want to go on again and again.  Come back every so often and I will try to post more helpful links 🙂


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