Zeitgeist and Physics
noun German . The spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.
Could this be our time?  Can we rise above the educational aristocracy and strive for enlightenment, principles of equality and the inalienable rights of all students?  Ok that is soooooo dramatic!  Sorry.
But seriously – it is time that we prove that we are the experts and that there is REAL research out there about effective teaching.  For me there is plenty here  at  in fact there is 30 years worth!  Thanks ISD and MDE for not finding it and bringing it to me with your expert science consultants. (insert sarcastic tone there).  We can not let politicians continue to steamroll by screaming in our faces that we don’t have any data and that low level assessments like standardized tests prove it when there is real data already out there that shows how to improve education.  Add to it the fact that it shows standardized testing does nothing to improve teaching or achievement.  Get ready to scream back!
It’s out there.  Do whatever you can to find it.  No one is going to bring it to you, trust me.  I am pretty sure “our system” has been infiltrated by Pearson and other opportunists of our time.    And all of the state tests you are required to prove yourself by are cheap megaliths of rote memorization that your students will never remember or use in the future.   I know Pearson writes them in our state.  They paid me $3000.00 one summer to write 50 pathetic questions for ours.  You will continue to be thrashed with the threat of performance pay based on those questions – with a direct or perhaps exponential correlation to their stock price.
Never lose hope – mutiny could change everything. Because darn it – it makes sense.

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